Board Game Extras – Kickstarter & Etsy Style

We buy a lot of products that are board game related, but not board games. I am going to share some of the things that we have purchased through the years.

Game Toppers 2.0

Game Topper


Game Toppers are on Kickstarter again, a year after their initial campaign. There were some hiccups with the initial campaign, but everything was delivered, if a little late. I will tell you that I absolutely love my Sherlock Holmes Game Topper. We have been playing on it literally almost every day since we received it last year. There are no signs of wear on the play mat, the one we have had on the table since we received the topper and put it together. One of these days we may switch it out. I love the accouterments that either came with the package I ordered or that I added. One of the best investments was the rules holder that I attached to the rails. Since I am the one who is constantly doing the teaching at my house, it is so handy to have the rules holder right next to where I am sitting. I also love the cup holders that can be attached to the outside of the rails. I have absolutely no regrets in purchasing the Game Topper and would absolutely buy one again if ever I needed one.

For those unfamiliar with Game Toppers, they are basically what they sound like – they are a topper for your existing table that are made specifically for board gaming. There are a wide range of accessories that you can get with your topper as well as a variety of play mats that are made to fit the topper that you purchase. I cannot recommend this product highly enough!

If you are interested, please check out the Kickstarter campaign currently running, toppers. The campaign ends July 25th. Check it out!


Lampworked Glass – Jenefer Ham – Etsy


Potion Bottles


I have bought several of Jenefer Ham’s pieces over the past few years – most recently the potion bottles that we use for Dragonsgate College (see picture below) – and find her pieces to be elegant and lovely. They also stand up to repeated wear, being made of glass. I have dropped one accidentally and no damage was done to it.

When I ordered the potion bottles, Jenefer checked with me to see if I had preference in colors, which I did. We exchanged several messages to get the colors just right. Her customer service was outstanding.

Not only does Jen make gaming pieces, but she makes jewelry as well. Her website is and her Etsy store, JeneferHamGlass, can be found here.


Board Game Inserts – Folded Space

LeHavre Insert

I backed the Folded Space third Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. I ordered the inserts for Clans of Caledonia, Near and Far, Le Havre, and Dinosaur Island. I cannot speak to the durability of the inserts at this point, since I have not had them long, but I can speak to the ease of putting them together.

I had absolutely no problems putting these inserts together at all. I am not someone who works with her hands a lot, so I appreciated the ease of building these. The directions on how to put them together were perfect for me. The illustrations served to show which boards were which, as the Evacore sheets (the product that the sheets are made of) are not labeled. The only tools that I used to put the inserts together were cotton swabs (although some other kind of applicator would probably have been better – the Folded Space website recommends using a flat-edged brush) and PVA glue. The instructions also have pictures of how all the individual trays fit into the original game box, another appreciated touch. There is also a note that a picture of the assembled insert available on their website, a further resource.

Folding Space has a ton of inserts available on their website, Check them out!

Board Game Overlays – BoardGameBoost – Etsy


Great Western Trail Overlay


I have ordered two sets of overlays from BoardGameBoost – one for Terraforming Mars and one for Great Western Trail. You can get the overlays with or without a backerboard. Both of the sets that I have ordered do have the backerboard. One more note on Pete’s shop – he supports the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund. Since I have recently had to use the fund, I think that makes me love this shop even more. I have told Pete that if he ever designs an overlay for Arkham Horror, Second Edition, I would be first in line to buy one.

Both sets of the overlays that I have bought from the shop are very sturdy. They are made of some type of acrylic and when putting the overlays together, care needs to be taken not to get fingerprints all over the pieces. The overlays are easy to put together and Pete has put videos up on YouTube on how to assemble them. His YouTube channel can be found here if you want to see the assembly process in action.

Not only does BoardGameBoost put together outstanding overlays, they also have a product called CaddyMax. I do not have any of these, but the reviews for them are very good. The CaddyMax can serve a variety of purposes including as a component organizer, card tray, storage container, or dice tray. They come in a variety of colors.

Both the overlays and the CaddyMax can be found at Pete’s Etsy store here. Be advised that he is temporarily closed, but will be opening again shortly, I am sure.



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