Board Game Extras – Kickstarter Style

Every now and again, we are going to highlight some board game extras – items to bling out your games – that we have stumbled across on Kickstarter.  These items will be for campaigns that are already funded or close to funding that will end within the next week or so.  Please note that we are not endorsing these campaigns, we are simply bringing them to your attention. First up,

Dice Vaults and Treasure Coins: Tabletop RPG Accessories  Kickstarter Dice Vaults

This campaign caught our eye due to both the look of the dice vaults, which are available in both a polished copper and a blue patina copper.  The gentleman running this campaign, David Savedge, is a blacksmith who hand makes all of the products that he puts on Kickstarter.  He has run 3 previous successful Kickstarter campaigns.

The campaign also features pewter coins, so if metal coins are a thing for you (we really like them!), you might want to check these out.  According to the campaign page, “Each coin is cast, hammered, and struck by hand from fine Pewter,” which sounds just awesome to us!


Kickstarter Pewter Coins


This campaign is already fully funded.  There are six days yet to go.  The estimated delivery date for this campaign is June 2019, right around the corner! You can check this campaign out here:

The Turn Keeper

This campaign caught our eye just because the turn keeper looks so awesome.  We are not RPGers, but if we were, this would be a no-brainer back for us.  The campaign is being run by Tabletop Artisans, who have run one other successful campaign on Kickstarter.

The Turn Keeper which is, according to the Kickstarter page “A fully wooden mechanical system capable of not only tracking your groups initiative, but also the combat round, all while looking like a true piece of art. It boasts planetary and standard gear systems to synchronize and display this information,” comes in several different designs and colors. You can check out the Kickstarter campaign page for more information on those.

Kickstarter Turn Keeper

Also featured in this campaign are battlefield tokens which can be purchased to match whichever design you choose for the Turn Keeper. There is also a specially designed box to keep your Turn Keeper in.

The campaign is already fully funded and expires in 7 days. The estimated delivery date for this campaign is May 2019, so you could actually pledge for and receive your item all in the same month! You can see all of these items on the Kickstarter page here: Keeper

Hinterland Dice Collection

This campaign caught our eye because – hey, dice!  The dice in this collection are made from various woods including ebony, red sandalwood, and technical wood (we have no idea what that even is!)  The campaign is being run by Dice Envy, who have run two previously successful Kickstarter campaigns.

This campaign, unlike the others here, also features multiple stretch goals, several of which have already been unlocked.  Each of the already unlocked stretch goals has added a new type of wood from which the dice will be made.

Kickstarter Dice Envy

This campaign is already fully funded and expires in 6 days. The estimated delivery date of the campaign is November 2019. You can check it out here:

Is Kickstarter for You?

Is Kickstarter for you?  Only you can answer that.  Kickstarter does not refund your money if a project goes awry, so if you cannot afford to lose the money that you pledge to a campaign, I would hesitate to recommend that you support any campaign.  If you want to try something new, maybe something out of the norm, I would recommend you give some Kickstarter projects a try.  Hopefully we have highlighted a campaign you might not otherwise have noticed.

Please comment if something here caught your eye!

Stasia and Beth

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  1. Catey

    That’s so cool!!! I like the pewter coins!

    1. admin

      Yeah, I do too. I just wish I knew of a game of ours that I would use them for!


  2. Paul CatWeazle

    Nice blog Stasia! 😊
    I like those turn keepers!

    1. admin

      Thanks for stopping by, Paul! I appreciate the kind words. Yeah, those turn keepers are gorgeous, aren’t they?



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