Board Game Extras – Stasia’s Top 10 Anticipated Gen Con Expansions, Part Two

For those unaware, Gen Con 2019 is just around the corner – it starts tomorrow!, happening August 1-4, 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana. If you would like more information about the convention, you can check out the convention’s website here.

Board Game Geek’s W. Eric Martin (thank you!) has compiled a list of the games that are going to be available either for sale or demo at the convention. The huge list of games can be found here. Currently there over 600 titles on the list and it is growing every day!

Kanagawa: Yokai

Kanagawa Cover


Kanagawa was published in 2016 by Iello. The expansion is being published this year. The game was designed by Bruno Cathala and Charles Chevallier as was the expansion. The artwork for both the original game and the expansion was provided by Jade Mosch. The base game was nominated for the 2016 Golden Geek Best Board Game Artwork and Presentation.

Kanagawa has players as aspiring artists in 1840 Kanagawa, Japan, attempting to impress Master Hokusai. They do this by expanding their studios and painting subjects such as tree, animals, characters, and buildings. The expansion introduces kites, parasols, and paper lanterns to the game. It also introduces the yokai symbol to the game, which introduces another set collection element. If a player collects 3 such symbols, they will collect a reward.

Why I am excited about this expansion: I am shocked that this game is getting an expansion, I must say, since it has been 3 years since the base game came out. However, that does not mean that I am not excited to get this one, although the game actually is in Beth’s collection. I am excited about the new elements that the game introduces, especially the yokai symbols. I am curious to see how those work.

Museum: Archaeologists and Museum: The World’s Fair

Museum Cover


Museum was published in 2019 by Holy Grail Games and the expansions are being published by the same company. The game was designed by Eric Dubus and Olivier Melison as were both expansions. The artwork for the base game and the expansions was provided by the very talented Vincent Dutrait.

Yes, I know this is a bit of a cheat since it is two expansions for the same game, but it is my blog 🙂 Museum is a game in which the players are trying to collect relics for their museum. The game is primarily a set collection game as the players are trying to assemble collections from different countries. The Archaeologists expansion adds worker placement to the game as the players must now send workers out to bring the relics back to their museum. The World’s Fair expansion adds shared public objectives for the players to claim, as well as new events, personnel, and character cards.

Why I am excited about these expansions: Beth and I really like Museum because we really like the set collection mechanic. I like the idea of adding the worker placement element to the game although I am hoping it does not make the game that much longer. The World’s Fair primarily adds more stuff and more stuff is always good, right?

Dice Hospital: Community Care

Dice Hospital Expansion Cover


Dice Hospital: Community Care is being published in 2019 by Alley Cat Games. This expansion is a crossover with Beth’s Gen Con list. The game is being designed by Mike Nudd, one of the co-designers of the base game. The artist for the game is Sabrina Miramon.

Dice Hospital: Community Care introduces 3 new expansions to the game: The City Expansion, The Maternity Expansion, and The Improvements expansion. There are new wrinkles added to the base game by each of these new expansions, including babies.

Why I am excited about this game: Beth and I really enjoy the base game so buying the expansion is a natural for us. This is a game that Beth likes more than I do, but I will happily play it with her.

Barenpark: The Bad News Bears

Barenpark Cover


Barenpark was published in 2017 by Lookout Games and the expansion is being published this year by the same company. The game and its expansion were designed by Phil Walker-Harding with artwork for both provided by Klemens Franz.

Barenpark is a game in which the players are using Tetris-shaped pieces in order to build the best bear park. Each player has their own player boards – they can have up to 4 – that they fill with bear enclosures that will score them points, rivers, toilets, playgrounds, and food paths. They can also put bear statues on their completed boards and score points that way.

The expansion for the game adds three separate modules that can be either be played separately or can be used together. The modules add new goals to the game as well as grizzly bears and monorails.

Why I am excited about this expansion: My dad worked on planning the monorail system at Disney World in Florida back in the day, so I am happy to see monorails added to Barenpark and am anxious to see how they work in practice. Beth is more excited about the grizzly bears!  I love the idea of modular expansions so we can pick and choose what we add to the game.

Gen Con 2019

I have never been to Gen Con and likely will never go – way too many people there for me! – but that does not mean that I cannot drool over the games that are going to be available to play, buy, or demo at the convention. I always look forward to new games, new ideas, and innovation in those games. This post concludes our Gen Con posts for 2019!

There are a lot of games to look forward to this year, just as there always are! What games and expansions are you looking forward to from Gen Con this year?

As always, for these and other games

Stasia and Beth

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