Board Game Extras – Stasia’s Top 10 Anticipated Gen Con Games, Part 2

For those unaware, Gen Con 2019 is just around the corner, happening August 1-4, 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana. If you would like more information about the convention, you can check out the convention’s website here.

Board Game Geek’s W. Eric Martin (thank you!) has compiled a list of the games that are going to be available either for sale or demo at the convention. The huge list of games can be found here. Currently there over 500 titles on the list and it is growing every day! In case you missed part 1 of my list, you can find it here.

Just as an aside, none of the games on this list are on my anticipated games of the year (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3).

Secrets of the Lost Station

Secrets of the Lost Station Cover


Secrets of the Lost Station is being published in 2019 by Everything Epic Games. The game is designed by Christopher Batarlis and Jim Samartino and is based on their earlier game, Secrets of the Lost Tomb. The artwork for the game is provided by Adrienne Ezell.

Secrets of the Lost Station is a cooperative adventure game with a science fiction theme. The players in this game must stop ancient world-killers whose only wish is to feed upon the life force of planets. This game is billed as an “epic space-station crawling adventure” and it sounds like it, with multiple exploration-driven scenarios. There are dangers everywhere, but there are also rewards for the players as well as new undiscovered tech.

Why I am excited about this game: Another cooperative storybook game? You bet! I ran this one by my husband and he was very interested in it, so that is definitely a plus for the game. I love science fiction themed games and I think that will pull him in too.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Jonathan Strange Cover


Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is being published in 2019 by Osprey Games. The game was designed by Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello. The game is based on the book of the same name.

In Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, the players can play one of the four major characters from the book (which I greatly enjoyed). Magic has returned to England and the players, seeking to develop their skills and expand their social influence in order to become the greatest magician of their time.

Why I am excited about this game: I really liked the book, so it just seems a natural for me to investigate the game based on the book. The designers have worked on several Lord of the Rings games, so I am anxious to see what they do with this book.

Black Angel

Black Angel Cover

Black Angel is going to be published by Pearl Games in 2019. The game is being designed by Sebastien Dujardin, Xavier Georges, and Alain Orban, who are also responsible for the terrific dice game Troyes. The artwork will be provided by Ian O’Toole.

The game’s description on the Pearl Games website ( sounds awesome: “Humanity, through its irresponsible behavior, has exhausted the natural resources of Earth, making it almost uninhabitable. In a burst of lucidity, pressed by the irreversible degradation of your planet, the great nations are forced to put aside their differences and share their knowledge in order to create the most vast spacecraft ever constructed. Thus, the BLACK ANGEL project is launched.”

Why I am excited about his game: This game was on Beth’s top 10 anticipated games of the year list, and I like it for virtually the same reasons she gave: “The theme really appeals to me since it is science fiction. Robots are an awesome addition to the game and the artwork looks to be stellar – what we can see of it anyway! I like dice games and the primary mechanism, at least at this time, is given on Boardgame Geek as dice rolling.”


Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North

Empires of the North Cover


Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North is being published by Portal Games in 2019. The game’s designers are Ignacy Trzewiczek and Joanna Kijanka. The artwork for the game is being provided by Rafal Kucharski.

According to the Portal Games website ( “Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North is a card game in which players lead one of six clans from three different factions. The game plays out over a series of rounds, during which players explore new lands, construct buildings, trade resources, and sail to new lands with the aim of either conquering, or pillaging to gain more goods! Each action draws the clans closer to becoming the greatest empire!”

Why I am excited about this game: Beth and I both enjoy Imperial Settlers so a game set in that same universe would naturally be of interest to me. I cannot wait to see how this one plays!

Penny Lane

Penny Lane Cover


Penny Lane is being published in by Sparkworks in 2019. The game is being designed by Justin Blaske, best known for Mint Works, and Mel Primus. The artwork for the game is being done by Denis Martynets.

In Penny Lane, the players are trying to build the most prosperous city avenue. The game is a worker placement, city building game that can be played in about 30 minutes. The game also features tableau building, where the players can earn bonus points.

Why I am excited about this game: City building. Worker placement. Tableau building. 30 minutes. Sounds terrific!

Gen Con 2019

I have never been to Gen Con and likely will never go – way too many people there for me! – but that does not mean that I cannot drool over the games that are going to be available to play, buy, or demo at the convention. I always look forward to new games, new ideas, and innovation in those games. I will be posting a list of the expansions I am looking forward to next week. Beth’s lists will also appear next week.

There are a lot of games to look forward to this year, just as there always are! What games are you looking forward to from Gen Con this year?

Stasia and Beth


4 Replies to “Board Game Extras – Stasia’s Top 10 Anticipated Gen Con Games, Part 2”

  1. Charlotte

    I forgot to post yesterday that I’m also really excited about Megacities: Oceania! (Mainly because I’d forgotten that it’ll be released at GenCon.)

    And the new Mental Blocks whose designer diary went up today on BGG also looks interesting.

    I returned to your previous post today and I have to say that at second glance I’m also intrigued by Arkeis. Again, with the miniatures it’s probably not a game I’ll buy, but I really like the artist Aurore Folny, and the theme is cool (and could be somewhat novel, depending on how they do it), too.

    1. Charlotte, Megacities: Oceania is on my wish list, it just did not make my top 10. I wonder if we can move our countries closer together so that we can game together 🙂

      I have not read the designer diary yet. Thanks for the heads up about Mental Blocks! I will have to check it out.

      I am not a huge miniatures gamer, but if the game comes with them, who am I to object? I am not familiar with Aurore Folny, but I really like the artwork of Arkeis.


      1. Charlotte

        Yeah, I wish I was closer to you and some of the other nice ladies from BGG to play some games!

        Aurore Folny did some illustrations for Android: Netrunner that I really like; that’s where I know her from. I know that she’s illustrated cards for a bunch of the FFG card games, but not sure how many other full boardgame projects she’s worked on.

        1. Yeah, I wish Kathy and I lived closer all the time. She is the only lady from BGG that I have had the privilege of meeting thus far and we have similar taste in games.

          I never played Android: Netrunner, so that may be the reason that I am not familiar with Folny’s work. I will be on the lookout for it from now on though.



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