Games Coming Soon: The Castle Panic Big Box


The reason that we are highlighting The Castle Panic Big Box is because Castle Panic is one of Beth’s favorite games of all-time – it ranks number 6 on her list. The Big Box version, due in July 2019, is going to contain all the base game content as well as the three expansions currently available for the game. Fireside Games is including new content too: promo cards that were previously available (if you were lucky enough to get hold of them) as well as promo towers that were available on International Tabletop Day (again, if you were lucky enough to get them.)

According to the Fireside Games website, the Big Box will also feature a custom insert for all the game’s components and instructions on how to get everything back in once you have it out! For board game blingers like us, that is just awesome.

For further information on The Castle Panic Big Box, be sure and check out Fireside Games official announcement page:

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Beth and Stasia

2 Replies to “Games Coming Soon: The Castle Panic Big Box”

  1. Catey

    That’s exciting!!

    1. admin

      We think so too! Considering that our board is barely hanging together at this point, we will definitely be buying the Big Box to both replace the board and to get the promos, especially the towers, that we have never seen before.


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