Second Season – Our Second Impressions of Board Games (Week of 5/5/2019)

Too often we find that the first play of a game is centered on learning the rules and mechanics of the game, so it is hard to give coherent thoughts on what we like or dislike about that game. We are going to give our second impressions, a “Second Season” if you will, to those games we have just played for the second time. First up:

Tiny Epic Quest

Tiny Epic Quest Cover

Tiny Epic Quest was published in 2017 by the designer of the Tiny Epic series of games, Scott Almes. The artwork for the game was provided by Miguel Coimbra, Adam P. McIver, and Benjamin Shulman. In Tiny Epic Quest, each player controls 3 adventurers who investigate temples, fight goblins, and learn spells at obelisks. Here are our thoughts on the game:


  • The components for the game are good, although not outstanding, and the artwork for the game (and the game itself) are cute;
  • The game does not go on too long for what it is;
  • Sharing the results of the players’ dice rolls and the push your luck mechanic there is fun;
  • The game includes a solo mode, always a plus in our book;
  • The novelty of actually having the heroes fitted with the appropriate gear is fun (see picture below)

TEQ Figures


  • The smallness of the equipment for the heroes could make them easy to lose as well as easy to break;
  • The mechanic of the goblins does not work well for us, but that could potentially be our play style; and,
  • The map tiles are double-sided and made of card stock. We would have preferred thicker, cardboard tiles.

Bottom Line: This game is part of Beth’s personal collection and she intends to keep it. She likes the game more than Stasia does.

World Monuments

World Monuments Cover

World Monuments was published in 2016 by German publisher Queen Games. The game’s designer is Piero Cioni and the artwork was done by Patricia Limberger. This is an abstract, family game, with a capital F. It can be played with pretty much anyone.


  • The wooden components for the game are great – they work well for the monument building aspect of the game and stack together well (see picture below). The thickness of the cardboard for the quarry, building, and player shields means that they will all stand up well for repeated plays;
  • The game play is easy to understand and will appeal to a wide range of people including casual gamers and non-gamers;
  • There is more strategy in the game than you might think although the game is still light;
  • The game is just the right length;
  • There is some variety in the game – there are 4 different buildings that can be built.

World Monuments Blocks


  • The game is very abstract – you are supposed to be building famous world monuments, but the things created bear no resemblance that we could see to the actual buildings;
  • There is some variety in the game, but perhaps not enough depending on how often the game will hit your table;
  • For players with large hands, doing the actual building might be difficult as it is easy to knock pieces over, but that can easily be corrected by players with not-so-large hands.

Bottom Line: Stasia’s casual gamer husband, K, when asked about his pros and cons after the game said that he could not think of a single con and he would gladly play it again. The game stays in the collection.

Blackout: Hong Kong

Blackout Hong Kong Cover

Blackout: Hong Kong was published in 2018 by eggertspiele. The game was designed by Alexander Pfister, who is a designer that Stasia is watching closely these days as he climbs her list of favorite game designers. The artwork for the game is provided by Chris Qwilliams. Blackout: Hong Kong was easily Stasia’s most anticipated Essen release from 2018. The game is a strategy game set in Hong Kong, which has been hit by a black out that has been going on for days, and the players must help the city to get back on its feet. Did the game live up to Stasia’s expectations?


  • The player boards also function as player aids, guiding the players through each of the phases of a turn;
  • The theme is appealing (at least to us);
  • The game has both a campaign and solitaire modes;
  • The game is multiplayer solitaire with little player interaction, although this might be a con for some people


  • There are misspellings and mistranslations scattered throughout the rule book and on the cards;
  • The cards are black bordered and show wear easily. We fixed this problem by sleeving the cards before we ever played the game, but are aware of the problem;
  • The game can run long, but that may be because we are still new to it;
  • The die faces and some of the colors may be hard to differentiate – Stasia has difficulty with telling the books and the fuel cans apart on the dice and with the red and purple on the cards’

Bottom line: This game will remain in our collection. It is one we both really enjoy although to this point, we have only ever played it solo together (which we enjoy doing when learning new games) through the campaign mode.

Second Season Continues. . .

We are hoping that publishing this “Second Season” as we are calling it will encourage us to get our once-played games to the table and determine whether they have a place in our collection. See you next week with more Second Season games!

As always, please be sure to check out Board Game Geek ( for information on these and thousands of other games.

Stasia and Beth

6 Replies to “Second Season – Our Second Impressions of Board Games (Week of 5/5/2019)”

  1. Eva

    I like your format of the reviews. Very good choice to play the game more than once before passing judgement. It would be interesting to know if your thoughts about the game changed anything between first and second play (and maybe even when you played it even more).
    Keep up the good work. Always nice to hear from female reviewers.

    1. admin

      Thank you for posting, Eva! Your comments are very much appreciated. Glad you like the format of our reviews. I hope you check back in here again often.


  2. Kathy

    Looking forward to more about Blackout: Hong Kong. It sounds intriguing.

    1. admin


      I really like Blackout Hong Kong and do not see it leaving the collection any time soon. If you have not seen Rahdo’s run through of the game, I suggest you check out that video and his final thoughts.


  3. Nancy

    I really enjoy your format of presenting the pros and cons of each game and the bottom line!

    1. admin

      Thank you, Nancy! I appreciate the input!



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