Second Season – Our Second Impressions of Board Games (Week of 7/14/19)

Too often we find that the first play of a game is centered on learning the rules and mechanics of the game, so it is hard to give coherent thoughts on what we like or dislike about that game. We are going to give our second impressions, a “Second Season” if you will, to those games we have just played for the second time. First up:

Wreck Raiders

Wreck Raiders Cover


Wreck Raiders was published in 2019 by KTBG. The game was designed by Tim W.K. Brown and Joshua Cappel. The artwork for the game was provided by Appolline Etienne. This is the fourth title published by KTBG and was originally a Kickstarter game.

Wreck Raiders is a family game that is basically a point salad game. Players, who play as treasure divers in the game, can score points through their exhibitions, for the treasures in their vaults, and for the aquariums that they have on display. The main mechanism of the game is dice drafting. Similar to Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot the players roll the dice into the box lid, and then depending on where the dice end up, they are placed into the reef where they may give bonuses to the players depending on the die they draft.


  • The artwork for the game is beautiful and the components are well done (I am referring to the retail version of the game here);
  • The rule book is well-written and well illustrated;
  • I love the use of the dice in this game and their multiple purposes;
  • The bumping mechanism, used in other games such as Euphoria, is one that I really enjoy;
  • There is always something to do on your turn;
  • There are a lot of ways to win;
  • The rule book was missing from my copy of the game and when I let KTBG, they responded within a day and sent it out in a timely manner, so their customer service is wonderful!


  • I think this game plays better with more than just 2 players, but I have only played with 2 one time. I have played with both 2 and 3 players and enjoyed the 3 player game more. 

Bottom Line: This game will remain in the collection. It is a terrific family game. It is a lot of fun – and besides that, it was my husband’s Father’s Day gift, so it does not belong to me anyway 🙂

Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War


Thanos Rising


Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War was published in 2018 by The OP. The game was designed by Andrew Wolf. Much of the artwork in the game is taken from the movie, but the rest was supplied by Rick Hutchinson.

In Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War, the players each lead a team of superheroes headed by either Gamora, Black Panther, Captain America, or Doctor Strange. Thanos always go first, so the players are reacting to his actions for the most part, and his actions are determined by the roll of 2 dice. One of the dice determines which Infinity Stone either activates or gains a cube. The other Thanos die determines what Thanos is going to do. After Thanos takes his turn, the player gets to take theirs. The player can either attack a villain or try to recruit an ally for their team and has to roll dice to see if they can do so. If the players can beat 10 villains, they will win the game.


  • The components for this game are great, especially the hulking Thanos figurine that gets placed in the middle of the game board, however, the cards are a little thin;
  • It is a cooperative game, which is always a plus around our house, and this is a game that really demands that the players cooperate with each other;
  • The game is both easy to teach and learn;
  • This game will appeal to a wide range of Marvel movie fans of all ages.


  • The game is extremely light;
  • I think the game is too long for what it is;
  • If you do not like a lot of luck in your game, this is definitely not a game for you!

Bottom Line: This is really not a game for me. Whether it stays in the collection will be solely up to my husband and how often he requests to play it.

Quests of Valeria


Quests of Valeria Cover


Quests of Valeria was published in 2017 by Daily Magic Games. The game was designed by Isaias Vallejo and the artwork for the game was done by Mihajlo Dimitrievski (The Mico). I believe this game is the third game in the Valerian universe, following Valeria: Card Kingdoms and Villages of Valeria.

This review is going to be a bit different from those I have done before as I am looking at Quests of Valeria as a solo game. Beth has never played the game with me. The game play for the solo and multiplayer game is virtually the same. The only real difference is in the set up of the game, otherwise the game play is the same. Quests of Valeria is a card-drafting game in which the player or players is/are trying to draft the adventurers that they need to complete quests. In the solo game, the line of Citizen cards always loses a card between turns, so if you want to claim that character you better grab it while you can. The same thing happens with the leftmost Quest card.  Thank you, Mike Dilisio, for your video on the solo play of this game, one I enjoy quite a bit!


  • The cardboard components are nice and thick, the cards are of nice quality;
  • The rule book is well-written and I had no questions when reading it;
  • Any game that offers a solo mode out of the box is great. I look forward to sharing this game with Beth and my husband at some point;
  • Card drafting is one of my favorite game mechanisms;
  • I love the debate I have to have with myself as to what the best action to take or the best card to draft on my turn;


  • Luck of the draw;
  • Iconography might be difficult for some players.

Bottom Line: This game will remain in my collection because even if Beth and my husband do not enjoy the game, I do.

Second Season Continues. . .

We are hoping that publishing this Second Season as we are calling it will encourage us to get our once-played games to the table and determine whether they have a place in our collection. See you next week with more Second Season games!

As always, please be sure to check out Board Game Geek here for information on these and thousands of other games.

Stasia and Beth

2 Replies to “Second Season – Our Second Impressions of Board Games (Week of 7/14/19)”


    Nice of you not to give away your husband’s games 🙂

    The Valeria games are on my radar but I’ve bought so many games lately that they have to be a hit with my wife or I sleep on the back porch. Is there one that stands out to you for 2-player? Quest sounds good, so does Villages.

    1. Gary, I have played the first three Valeria games and enjoyed them all. If I had to choose only one of them to keep, it would be Villages – but just barely over Quests. I have played Villages both 2- and 3-player and it has played well both ways. I also very much enjoyed Valeria Card Kingdoms, but it just never got played because there are deck building games that we enjoy more, especially Beth, so we no longer own that one.

      Regarding my husband’s games, I do get rid of them occasionally, but only if both of us agree that the game needs to go 🙂



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