Today’s Forecast – Cloudy with a Chance of Games

We have had a couple of orders come in – games ordered before my current medical issues – and a Kickstarter, so we thought it was time to give today’s forecast as “cloudy with a chance of games!” Here are the games and why we are excited to have them!

Wreck Raiders


Wreck Raiders Cover


Wreck Raiders was published in 2019 by Kids Table BG. The game was designed by Tim W.K. Brown and Josh Cappel. The artist for the game was Apolline Etienne.

Wreck Raiders is a dice drafting family game. There are a ton of ways to get points in this game, so the players have a lot of options as to what they are going to do with the dice that they have drafted. The theme of the game is very appealing – diving wrecks – and well integrated into the game.

Why we are excited about this game: This is the first of 2 games that we purchased for my husband K for Father’s Day. We have also already played this one and really liked it. There are several mechanisms in this game that we really like including dice drafting, work placement, and set collection.



NEOM cover


NEOM  was published in 2018 by Lookout Games. The game’s designer is Paul Sottosanti. The artwork was provided by Klemens Franz and Christian Opperer.

NEOM is futuristic city building game. The game is a tile placement and tile drafting game as each player uses “cornerstones” to help build their city and earn more points. Each player board features a different resource and the players draft different cornerstone tiles, so as the game progresses they players cities will be very different.

Why we are excited about this game: This is the second game we got my husband for Father’s Day. We enjoy city building games and drafting games, but were hesitant about this one until we heard about the variant that removes the disasters. I am not a great fan of tile laying games, but the good things I have heard about the game outweigh the bad.

Ars Alchimia

Ars Alchimia Cover


Ars Alchimia was published in 2014 by Japan Games and later in the United States by Tasty Minstrel Games. The game was designed by Kuro and there were a fleet of artists who provided the artwork for the game.

In Ars Alchimia you play a factory worker at an alchemy factory. We have to gather the resources necessary to be able to transmute them and fulfill orders. The basic mechanisms in the game are set collection and worker placement, albeit worker placement with a twist.

Why we are excited about this game: The anime artwork appeals to Beth and the worker placement and set collection mechanisms appeal to me.

Fields of Green

Fields of Green Cover


Fields of Green was published in 2016 by Artipia Games. The game was designed by Vangelis Bagiartakis and the artwork was done by Grzegorz Bobrowski, Gong Studios, Tomasz Jedruszek, and Naomi Robinson.

Fields of Green is based on Among the Stars but with a different theme and streamlined game play. In the game, the players play farmers trying to keep their respective farms going and expanding.

Why we are excited about this game: My husband, K, Beth, and I all enjoyed Among the Stars, and although the theme in the former game appeals more, we were interested in checking out the streamlined game that Fields of Green is purported to be. Card drafting is the main mechanism of the game and one that very much appeals to us.


Solenia Cover


Solenia was published in 2018. The game was designed by Sebastian Dujardin, one of the designers behind Troyes, a game that Beth and I both enjoy quite a bit. The game’s artwork was done by Vincent Dutrait, one of my favorite board game artists.

In Solenia, the players are delivering goods from one side of the planet to the other. The game’s primary mechanism is hand management. It also includes a mechanism where the tiles that make up the planet move at the end of each of the games 16 rounds.

Why we are excited about this game: The first reason we are excited about this game is the designer. The second reason is the artist. The mechanisms of the game are appealing too, but honestly after the designer and artist are mentioned, everything other reason pales in comparison.


Pioneers Cover


Pioneers was published in 2017 by Queen Games. The game was designed by Emanuele Ornella and the artwork for the game was provided by Markus Erdt.

Pioneers, one of the games recommended for the Kennerspiel des Jahres in 2018, is a family game with pick-up-and-deliver as the primary game mechanism. The players play pioneers moving from city to city trying to earn money in their chosen profession.

Why we are excited about this game: I first became aware of this game while watching one of Board Game Geek’s Game Night videos (check it out here) and thought it looked like a game that would appeal to my casual gamer husband. It has been on my wish list since then and I finally found a copy that was reasonably priced.

Heaven & Ale

Heaven and Ale Cover


Heaven & Ale was published in 2017 by eggertspiele. The game was designed by Andreas Schmidt and Michael Kramer. Christian Fiore was responsible for the artwork in the game.

In Heaven & Ale, the players are trying to have the most prosperous brewery in their monastery. You have to gather the resources and walk the fine line of keeping your fields fertile or earning money to buy different items.

Why we are excited about this game: Two words – Michael Kramer

New Games to Play!

New games to play are always exciting. We received a lot of different types of games, which is also always exciting. We like to explore different games, different mechanisms, and different themes. We hope that these games live up to our expectations and excitement.

As always, for information on these and thousands of other games, check out Board Game Geek here.

Just as a reminder, we are going to be on hiatus from the blog next week – we are going to spend the week playing some new games!

Stasia and Beth

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