Today’s Forecast – Cloudy with a Chance of Games

We have had a couple of orders come in now that I am finally back to work! We thought it was time to give today’s forecast as “cloudy with a chance of games!” Here are the “new to us” games and why we are excited to have them!


Planet Cover


Planet was published in 2018 by Blue Orange Games. The game was designed by Urtis Sulinskas. The artwork was provided by Sabrina Miramon. Planet was a 2019 Mensa Select winner.

Planet is a family game in which the players are trying to make the best planet by placing tiles onto their completely empty planet cores. Players win points by completing objectives and by having the most animals possible on their planets.

Why I am excited about the game: There are several reasons I am excited to play this game. First off, it is a family game with a great theme. Second, the play time is relatively short and my husband will actually sit down to play it. Also, I love the gimmick of the planets themselves – they just look fun to play with to me! Yes, I fell for the gimmick and I do not care.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Core Set


Pathfinder Cover


Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Core Set was published in 2019 by Paizo Publishing. The game has several designers including Chad Brown, Keith Richmond, Aviva Schecterson, Mike Selinker, and Liz Spain. There is no artist credited for the game.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Core Set is a cooperative card game in which the players choose a character to play and then head out on adventures. In the core set, they begin their adventures in the town of Belhaim, whose wizard is now missing. As the adventures continue, the players can upgrade their characters by gaining new equipment, befriending new allies, and learning new spells.

Why I am excited about this game: Beth and I played through the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Rune Lords, but were burnt out on it by the time we finished that campaign. However, when I heard about this new core set, I got excited to try the game again because I heard it featured an updated rules set with streamlined play. I am hoping that my casual gamer husband will play this one through with us. I am excited that they are featuring more of a story in this set as well. When Beth and I played Rise of the Rune Lords, we created back stories and everything for our characters, so more story is a good thing as far as we are concerned.


Riverboat Cover


Riverboat was published in 2017 by Lookout Games and later in the United States by Mayfair Games. The game was designed by Michael Kramer. The artwork for the game was provided by Klemens Franz.

Riverboat is yet another farming game – a theme that is getting fairly tired by now – but this one finds the players on the Mississippi River and shipping their farmed goods down the Mississippi to New Orleans. They have to effectively use their workers and organize their crops, load their crops on their riverboats.

Why I am excited about this game: Two words – Michael Kiesling. I am a huge Michael Kiesling fan girl, whether he is working with longtime collaborator, Wolfgang Kramer, or not. I missed out on this game a couple of years ago, but found a second hand copy at a reasonable price, so I am hoping to get this one to the table very soon!


New Games to Play!

New games to play are always exciting. We received a lot of different types of games, which is also always exciting. We like to explore different games, different mechanisms, and different themes. We hope that these games live up to our expectations and excitement. Please do comment as to your thoughts on the games we have recently acquired!

As always, for information on these and thousands of other games, check out Board Game Geek here.

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