Today’s Forecast – Cloudy with a Chance of Games

We have had a couple of orders come in now that I am finally back to work! We thought it was time to give today’s forecast as “cloudy with a chance of games!” Here are the “new to us” games and why we are excited to have them!

Bunny Kingdom: In the Sky


Bunny Kingdom In the Sky Cover


Bunny Kingdom was published by Iello in 2017 and the In the Sky expansion was published by the same company in 2019. Both the original game and the expansion were designed by Richard Garfield of Magic: The Gathering fame. Both the base game and the expansion were illustrated by Paul Mafayon. The original game was a nominee for the 2018 Origins Awards Best Family Game.

Bunny Kingdom is an area control and card drafting game. Card drafting is one of our favorite game mechanisms, which is why we were interested in the game to begin with. The expansion adds a new game board that allows the player to expand their fiefs into the sky. It also introduces new types of resources and a larger building that allows you to increase your influence in that area by 5, rather than the high of 3 in the base game.

Why we are excited about this game: Beth and I really enjoy the base game, Bunny Kingdom, and cannot wait to try out this expansion. I am a bit worried about the larger building that allows you to increase your influence by 5, especially in a 2-player game. However, that is a small worry compared to how excited I am to give the expansion a try. I am very curious about the new resources that the game introduces.


Magnastorm Cover


Magnastorm was published in 2018 by Feuerland Spiele and later in the United States by Cranio Creations. The game was designed by Bauldric & Friends. The artwork for the game was done by the very talented Michael Menzel.

Magnastorm is an exploration game with a science fiction theme. There is almost no luck in this game. You have to fulfill objectives, hire commanders, and build transmitters (that look like turtles!) The worker placement and action selection mechanics in this game look interesting.

Why we are excited about this game: I watched the review videos by Tom Vasel and Paul Grogan as well as the play through video by Rahdo and thought the game play looked really good. Worker placement games are always welcome in our house, so I am hoping this game is a good fit for us.


Kepler Cover


Kepler-3042 was published in 2016 by Renegade Game Studios. The game was designed by Simone Cerruti Sola. There were several artists for the game including Alana Bishop, Alan D’Amico, Kwanchai Moriya, Gordon Tucker and Paolo Vallerga.

Kepler-3042 is another science fiction themed game – I seem to be getting a bunch of those in these days. Kepler-3042 is a game of exploration and colonization with an emphasis on resource management. Unlike most games, the resources in this game are limited, so the players have to be careful how they use the resources and plan carefully.

Why we are excited about this game: First off, it is another science fiction themed euro game.  Secondly, I am also intrigued by the resource management in the game.


Coimbra Cover


Coimbra was published in 2018 by eggertspiele. The game was designed by Flaminia Brasini and Virginio Gigli, who co-designed a game that Beth and I really like, Grand Austria Hotel. The game’s artwork was provided by Chris Qwilliams. The game was nominated for the 2018 Golden Geek Board Game of the Year.

Coimbra is a card and dice drafting game, mechanics that Beth and I both enjoy. The game is set in Coimbra, Portugal, and the players used the card and dice that they draft to gain influence with the citizens.

Why we are excited about this game: This is a game that I had to auction off because of my medical expenses, but we never got a chance to play it. Both Beth and I enjoy card and dice drafting, so this game seems like a good fit for us. We both really enjoy Grand Austria Hotel, and since that game uses dice drafting as well, we needed to get this one back so that we could give it a try and decide for ourselves.

Five Tribes

Five Tribes Cover


Five Tribes was published in 2014 by Days of Wonder. The game was designed by Bruno Cathala with artwork provided by Clement Masson. The game was a 2014 Golden Geek Board Game of the Year Nominee.

Five Tribes is a worker placement game with a twist. This game starts with the players’ meeples already on the board. The players have to move their meeples through the tiles, activating markets, oasis and sacred places tiles.

Why we are excited about this game: Five Tribes is one of those games that I have always wanted to try but never had a chance to do so. I finally broke down and bought us our own copy. We enjoy worker placement games and worker placement with a twist sounds fun!

Wasteland Express Delivery Service

Wasteland Express Cover


Wasteland Express Delivery Service was published in 2017 by Pandasaurus Games. The game was designed by Jonathan Gilmour, Matt Riddle, and Ben Pinchback. There were several artists for the game including Noah Adelman,Riccardo Burchielli, Josh Cappel, Scott Hartman, and Jason D. Kingsley.

Wasteland Express Delivery Service is a game set in a post apocalyptic wasteland in which the players are delivery drivers just trying to do their jobs a midst the chaos and confusion going on around them.

Why we are excited about this game: This is another game that I had to part with in one of my medical expenses auctions. We had not played it, so I wanted to get it back again. I watched the “Game Night” video put out by Board Game Geek and got interested in the game then. I am hoping we get this one to the table soon!

New Games to Play!

New games to play are always exciting. We received a lot of different types of games, which is also always exciting. We like to explore different games, different mechanisms, and different themes. We hope that these games live up to our expectations and excitement. Please do comment as to your thoughts on the games we have recently acquired!

As always, for information on these and thousands of other games, check out Board Game Geek here.

4 Replies to “Today’s Forecast – Cloudy with a Chance of Games”

  1. Kathy

    Love Coimbra, not so fond of Five Tribes but I know many love it and I hope you do, too.

    I have no idea about the other games you mention as I’ve not even seen a playthrough. I’m a bit interested in Magnastorm from your description!

    1. You should check out Rahdo’s run through of Magnastorm, Kathy! I think you might like it. Good to know you enjoy Coimbra. I am looking forward to playing it!



    Coimbra has come down in price to within my self-imposed limit. (Sticker shock limits the NUMBER of games Irene will let me buy.) We to love GAH so this one’s back on my radar. Thanks, I really need another game…
    5 Tribes IS good but I have trouble getting it to the table. We’ll be interested in your thoughts.

    1. Yeah, in replacing my games I have really had to pay attention to the costs. I do hope you get a hold of GAH. I really enjoy that game!

      Glad to know you like 5 Tribes. I am hoping to get it to the table soon.



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