Today’s Forecast – Cloudy with a Chance of Games (8/7/19)

We have had a couple of orders come in, so we thought it was time to give today’s forecast as “cloudy with a chance of games!” Here are the games and why we are excited to have them!




Hadara was published in 2019 by Hans im Gluck and later in the United States by Z-Man Games. The game was designed by Benjamin Schwer, who also designed the highly touted Crown of Emara, which I have yet to play but have had on preorder seemingly forever. Dominik Mayer was the artist for the game.

Hadara is a civilization building game that features set collection as one of its primary mechanisms. You have to choose areas of your civilization that you want to concentrate on – do you choose military over agriculture? Culture over military? You can both shape your own civilization and try to prevent your opponent in their efforts. Tough decisions have to be made in order to have the most successful civilization.

Why I am excited about this game: I had not heard of the game at all until I saw Zee Garcia’s video review of the game. I have been stoked for it since then and have heard nothing bad about it in the meantime. Beth and I both love 7 Wonders and this game seems to build upon that game. Besides who does not like a hexagonal game board?

Realm of Sand

Realm of Sand Cover


Realm of Sand was published in 2018 by EmperorS4. The game was designed by Ji Hua Wei with artwork provided by Maisherly.

Realm of Sand is an abstract strategy game, which is not normally my cup of tea, but the artwork on the box is beautiful. I have a feeling that the theme is pretty much meaningless, but the same could be said of many euro games.

Why I am excited about this game: Although abstract strategy games are really not my thing, this one caught my eye and I thought I needed to broaden my gaming horizons a bit. I watched Sam Healey’s review of the game before I bought it and decided to take a chance on this one.

Roll for Adventure

Roll for Adventure


Roll for Adventure was published in 2018 by KOSMOS. The game was designed by Matthew Dunstan and Brett J. Gilbert. The artwork for the game was supplied by Franz Vohwinkel.

Roll for Adventure is a dice chucking game in which the players cooperatively attempt to defend their kingdom from enemy invaders attempting to take it over using the power of the Dark Lord. The players have different regions that they must protect at all cost and in the meanwhile working on collecting power stones that are needed to fend off the Dark Lord.

Why I am excited about this game: I actually bought this game with Kerry in mind. He enjoys fast, thematic games and he also likes cooperative games, so I think this will be a hit with him.

Kraftwagen: V6 Edition



Kraftwagen: V6 Edition was originally published in Germany in 2015 by ADC Blackfire Entertainment GmbH under its original title of Kraftwagen. When the game was published in the United States by Stronghold Games in 2016, some new tiles were added to the game and its name was updated to the Kraftwagen: V6 Edition. This is one of the games in Stronghold’s Great Designer series. The designer of the game is Matthias Cramer. Harald Lieske provided the artwork.

Kraftwagen: V6 Edition is a game centered around the early days of the automobile industry. The players will spend a lot of time in the game trying to improve the early automobiles by researching technology, building better engines and car bodies, as well as compete in the Grand Prix.

Why I am excited about this game: The first reason I am interested in this game is due to the designer, who is one of my favorites. I am also very interested in the theme of the game – I have a thing for old cars. I watched Tom’s (slickerdrips) game play of the game and it looks to be a solid euro game.

Timeline Challenge

Timeline Challenge Cover

Timeline Challenge was published in 2015 by Asmodee. The game was designed by Frederic Henry and Cyril Demaegd. The two artists who provided the artwork for the game were Xavier Collette and Jeremie Fleury.

Timeline Challenge is based on the multiple Timeline games. It takes the mechanic of those games and adds a progressive track with multiple challenges built into this track.

Why I am excited about this game: Beth loves the Timeline series of games and I bought this game with her in mind. I think we have around 6 of those small box games and we all enjoy them. The game is supposed to be educational although I, for one, am never going to remember all those dates!

New Games to Play!

New games to play are always exciting. We received a lot of different types of games, which is also always exciting. We like to explore different games, different mechanisms, and different themes. We hope that these games live up to our expectations and excitement level.

As always, for information on these and thousands of other games, check out Board Game Geek here.

Stasia and Beth

2 Replies to “Today’s Forecast – Cloudy with a Chance of Games (8/7/19)”

  1. Kathy

    Oooh! Fun! Can’t wait to hear what you think after playing them.

    We played Luxor today for the first time and it was really fun. Played once with Miles and then later with 2 friends. I am unsure about replayability but I guess we’ll find it. It’s fun, fast and easy to teach/learn. I would guess your family might like it.

    1. Hopefully we will get to at least some of them soon! Regarding the replayability of Luxor, there is an expansion coming out this year, so maybe that would help. I will have to hunt up a copy of the game at some point. Thanks for the recommendation!



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